Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Best. Kit. EVER. Srsly!

Elladora Madley is THE best spoiler of all time. All the way from China, I got the coolest package ever. I think the pics speak for themselves!

How cute is this?

So many goodies - lots of fun HP stuff, some pens/paper, and 5 (!) sets of needles!

This big hank below is Fleece Artist Merino in the "Fawkes" colorway:

The cushiest, most lovely wrap in house colors for the next big school event:

Little packages o' goodness:

More "Fawkes" - I'm in lurve:

The hank on the right is Araucania in the "Multy" colorway:
House Socks! Louet Gems in the "Burgundy" and "Mustard" colorways:

Elladora, you rock! I have no words to tell you how great you've made this swap for me! I am so bummed I'm too late for "best kit" submission because you'd surely win. (And shouldn't you get extra time for something coming from China?!)
Thanks so much - I love each and every little piece of it!


Lavender A said...

Wow, it's even better than the advance-peek photos appeared!!! :) When we hang out next can you bring the lapghan/wrap for show and tell please? I heard a LOT about it, now I want to see it in person!

Hermione Bagnold said...

Wow!!! That looks AMAZING!!!! Unfortunately, as the first to die in the hat duel by her speedy owl, I will firmly say she needs no extra time for shipping...LOL