Monday, March 24, 2008

Pickles made it!

My spoilee received the package that Pickles left for her and I think she likes it! YAY! She deserves - do you know she just finished up running a muggle Marathon? IN ITALY? Amazing... anyway, I'm so glad it was there waiting for her when she got home and that it made her smile! Click here to see what I was working on for these past weeks!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last House Quiz

Waah! I can't believe my first year at Hogwarts is winding down - and that this is our last house quiz! I've loved participating this year, and I hope I get to do it again. I'm looking forward to continuing talking with all the new friends I've made. Here's some info about them:

1. Who loves containers of all sorts? Esmie Beanswallow
2. Who dyed her fingers blue? Lavender Ackerly
3. Who is related to William Shakespeare? Celestina Cadogan
4. Who wants to own an alpaca farm? Victoria Black
5. Who hates carrots? Selina Starfire
6. Who is from the Muggle town of Bagshot in Surrey? Patonga Pinkstone
7. Who was searching for radishes in the winter? Madam Ferula McGonagall
8. Who got a gift certificate to a LYS from a Slytherin boy for Valentine's Day? Cecilia Kettleburn
9. Who discovered ghosts and house elves drinking tea in the Great Hall at midnight? Ophelia Hopkirk
10. Who took an extra credit class called Muggle Fantasy Literature? Selina Starflame
11. Who attended a Muggle music convention? Patonga Pinkstone
12. Who taught herself to purl backwards? Sera Starfire
13. Who sports Ravenclaw Spirit socks? Minee Kwikspell
14. Who would like to work in Muggle Relations after graduation? Allitrya Spelling
15. Whose Mum is named Henrietta? Avada Finch-Fletchley

Friday, March 14, 2008

Owl's away!!

My owl Pickles is off for a westward journey to San Francisco!! Hope he has good weather and finds his way quickly...

Quidditch Round 3

Quidditch Round 3

1. When Rita Skeeter prints a bad article about Hagrid in the Daily Prophet, which Professor teaches Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures class while he is away?
c. Professor Grubbly-Plank

2. What was the article Rita Skeeter wrote about Hagrid called?
c. Dumbledore’s Giant Mistake

3. When the school champions were being chosen from the Goblet of Fire, whose name came out first?
b. Viktor Krum

4. What is the spell Ludo bagman says to magically magnify his voice when he commentates?
a. Sonorus

5. What kind of dragon did Cedric have to face in the first task?
b. A Swedish Short-Snout

6. Who raised the trophy after winning the World Cup?
b. Troy and Quigley

7. How many bedrooms did Mundungus Fletcher claim to have?
d. 12

8. For what did Moody mistake his birthday gift of a carriage clock?
b. A basilisk egg

9. What did Mr. Ollivander produce for the end of Cedric’s wand?
d. Silver smoke rings

10. The dark mark is on Snape’s left arm.
a. Yes

Picture Scavenger Hunt!


A Basilisk
Mundungus Fletcher
Amos Diggory

Sunday, March 9, 2008

F is for Ferula!

Got this from Allityra Spelling's blog, who got it from Emma Wigworthy, who got it from... it doesn't really matter, I guess, it's just fun!

What is your name: Ferula
4 Letter Word: um...can't use the first one that comes to, I'll go with...Fast
Vehicle: Ford
City: Francisco, as in San
Boy Name: Fred
Girl Name: Farah
Alcoholic Drink: Foster's Lager (Australian for bee-yah)
Occupation: Fireman
Something you wear: Footwear
Celebrity: Frank Sinatra
Food: Falafel
Something found in a bathroom: Fingernail clipper
Reason for Being Late: Friggin' traffic
Cartoon Character: Foghorn Leghorn (of course!)
Something You Shout: Fiddlesticks!
Animal: Frog
Body part: Frontal Lobe

It's elemental!

I don't usually agree with these silly quiz dealies but this one is spot on...

Your Element Is Air

You dislike conflict, and you've been able to rise above the angst of the world.

And when things don't go your way, you know they'll blow over quickly.

Easygoing, you tend to find joy from the simple things in life.

You roll with the punches, and as a result, your life is light and cheerful.

You find it easy to adapt to most situations, and you're an open person.

With you, what you see is what you get... and people love that!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

One more thing...

I nearly forgot - thanks to all for various snippets I stole from your sites as well as the Lexicon site:

Fleur Isabelle Delacour is part Veela with blue eyes, long silvery-blonde hair, and very white even teeth. Her voice is "throaty." Fleur Delacour was the Beauxbatons champion for the 1994 - 1995 Triwizard Tournament. Fleur took a part-time job at Gringotts in London (summer 1995) to improve her English. She dated Bill Weasley (OP4) for about a year before they became engaged during the summer of 1996. Her father, although unnamed, is described as being round and having a short black beard. Her mother, Apolline, is 1/2 Veela making Fleur 1/4 Veela. Fleur is, therefore, fully magical but not a pure-blood. Fleur and her sister Gabriella inherited their mother's silvery-blonde hair, pale eyes, good looks and ability to entrance men. Fleur's wand is 9-1/2" long, inflexible, and made of rosewood. It contains one of her Veela grandmother's hairs.


The veela are based on a number of sources that describe Eastern European nature spirits of legend: "Vily" are Slovic fairies who can take the form of birds. "Vilas," as they appear in Serbian legends, are "mountain nymphs, young and beautiful, clad in white, with long flowing hair. Their voices are said to resemble those of woodpeckers. They shoot, according to popular belief, deadly arrows at men, and sometimes carry off children..." (The Fairy Mythology by Thomas Keightley, 1878.) The book A Field Guide to the Little People describes the Vily (singular: Vila) in detail. They are nature guardians, caring for the trees, streams, and flowers in their domains. They are extremely jealous of beautiful women. Their moods are as changeable as the weather and they can both cause and cure illnesses. Veelas are semi-human, semi-magical. Their dance is magically seductive to all males. However, when angry they transform into something more like Harpies ~ their faces turn into cruel-beaked bird heads and long scaly wings burst from their shoulders. They can launch fireballs from their hands. A human who tarries too long in their territory may be shot dead with arrows or die suddenly from heart attack, lumbago, or by being buried under an avalanche. Vily have fair complexions and curly, reddish-brown hair which falls to their feet. They wear shimmering white clothing or coverings of green leaves. Interestingly, those born on Tuesday or Sunday can most easily see Vily.

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

Headmistress: Olympe Maxime

Location: France

Uniforms: robes of fine silk; attendants of the carriage wear pale blue

Coat of Arms: two crossed golden wands on a powder-blue field, each emitting three stars

The Academy's building is called the Palace of Beauxbatons, and unlike Hogwarts Castle it does not contain suits of armour. Rather than a Great Hall as at Hogwarts, the Palace contains a Dining Chamber, which is elaborately decorated at Christmastime but in a different style than that used at Hogwarts (GF23). The scholastic system at the Academy is also arranged differently than that at Hogwarts; instead of sitting Ordinary Wizarding Levels or their equivalent at the end of five years, Academy students sit exams after six years (HBP5).

House Quiz #5

Whew! What a week!! Last week, I had to head way, way west out to San Diego, only to find out I had come home to NJ on Friday, repack, and fly BACK west to San Francisco on this past Monday - my poor broom needs a BREAK! Needless to say, I'm way far behind on homework and blogging, but I'm back and ready for Quidditch, no doubt!

House Quiz #5
1. Do my homework for me. Bribe-us Chocolaticus.
2. Tidy up my bedroom. Expecto Vacuumus!
3. Make a delicious chocolate cake. Spatula Whippica.
4. Make my professor stay in bed today. Hangum Overum!
5. I would like breakfast in bed, please. Snapcracklepopicus!
6. Stick all my Quidditch opponents' feet to the floor. Flypaperium!
7. Give everyone the giggles. Wingardium laughiosa.
8. Dye some yarn in my favorite color. Greenificus Totalus!
9. Unravel the mess I've made with my yarn. Reparo Knottium.
10. Knit my Prefect the perfect bag! Satchelneila!